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About Us...

A PRACTICAL WEDDING IS A WOMEN’S MEDIA COMPANY THAT FOCUSES ON WEDDINGS AND RELATIONSHIPS. It’s made by, and for, smart feminist women. Bold and unapologetic, the A Practical Wedding website has spent the last decade as a publishing pioneer in the wedding space, constantly pushing for inclusive, authentic, accessible stories of love and relationships.

Our goal for this community is to create a space where all your wedding planning questions can be answered, and you don’t have to wait for us to publish a post on the A Practical Wedding site about it. 

Not sure what readings to pick for your wedding ceremony? Put a call out to the group. 

Want to connect with someone planning a wedding in the same town as you so you can share decor? You can do that. 

Want an opportunity to talk to us personally about the trials and tribulations of wedding planning? There’s that too. 

As we grow, we’re also hoping to bring in professionals and vendors alike so you can have direct access to members of the wedding industry and all the information stored in their brains.

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  • Regular live video chats with members of the APW staff, where we’ll answer your burning questions in person. Not sure what to do about your brother’s meltdown over your venue choice? Want tips on booking vendors? Need a virtual hug? No ask is too small.
  • One of our goals is to facilitate connections that can be taken offline. So our community allows you to connect you with other people in your geography. And nothing says instant BFF more than finding a friend to share DIY duties with, trade vendor recommendations, or split a chair rental.
  • You’ll see exclusive content and conversations you won’t find on the APW site. Want to strike up a discussion around emotional labor based on an article you saw on APW earlier that week? The After Party is where it’s at.